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Essex Libraries Newsletter:

This month April 2019 –  Book of the month – BookStart, Cobra Business Reference Adviser and more.. See more in the newsletter here...

Also this month Essex Book Groups Newsletter – Reading ideas, Prize Draw, Books unlocked….  See more in the newsletter here.

Norfolk libraries Newsletter:

This month May 2019  –  Book news, events and projects, film news and your locl library information… see more in the on-line newsletter here

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Don’t forget to visit the news for May 2019 from the Norfolk Museums too. ..Norwich Castle, Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse, Vikings and MagritteSee more here.

Remember too, Attleborough library is on the move in May 2019. Catch up with the re-locations news here.

Suffolk Libraries Newsletter:

This month May 2019 – This month, – New titles just in, our list of top events, meet the author (Michelle Paver) and the Suffolk Libraries Extra scheme. See more here...

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  • NMRD Object of the Month: Commemorative Puzzle Book

    The National Museum of Roller Derby is the UK’s first permanent collection of ephemera and memorabilia relating to the sport of Women’s Flat Track […]

  • Our volunteers and staff recommend… this month’s Book Picnic

    July is here and the summer holidays have officially started here in Glasgow. If you're looking to add some great titles to your summer reading list, we've got […]

  • Meet the Editors

    One of the very well-utilised reference books at GWL is the Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women. First published in 2006, the second edition […]

  • This Is Who We Are

    This open session is a great way to inform yourself about Glasgow Women’s Library and what it is about. Anyone can come to find out more and learn about […]

  • No precious words to say thanks to GWL

    This blog post is about my experience of joining and experiencing GWL for the previous seven months. I came to Scotland from Pakistan around three years ago, […]

  • Out & About this Summer

    The national summer programme got off to a great start in Edinburgh in June with two events: Our Create and Connect writing group, which meets in Edinburgh […]

  • Readers of Colour X Fringe of Colour

    This Summer, we are excited to take part in Fringe of Colour, aiming to increase the access of young people of colour in Edinburgh to the Edinburgh Festival […]

  • Introducing Book Bunk

    We're delighted to announce that we have been selected to be a critical friend to Book Bunk, an organisation based in Nairobi. […]

  • #WomanOfTheWeek Kathleen Collins

    This week’s #WomanOfTheWeek is Kathleen Collins and she was chosen and written about by GWL Volunteer Pauline. […]

  • Open the Door 2019: A Day of Inspiration and Delights

    Sue Whistler shares her experience of attending the daytime session of Open the Door 2019. […]

Cambridge University Library News – regularly updated, diverse bibliographical musings…

The Daring Librarian…

  • Summer Reading List 2019

      The Summer Reading List is Here! Where does the time fly? I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Time to share our Summer Reading […]

  • Makerspace For Little or Nothing

    Makerspace for Little or Nothing You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to start a Makerspace area. You don’t have to have a designated room […]

  • Go Ahead, Scam Me Kids!

    WARNING: Rant Below. So, my last post was about an easy interactive reading promotion idea using Post-It Notes I got from my fabulous friend (and one time […]

  • Readers Recommend

    Come on in and recommend! OR…. It’s kinda like a low-tech YELP review for books! Hey MHMS Kids, Check this Out! This is a cool reading promotion […]

  • Colorful Women: Coloring Pages for Women’s History Month

    Re-posting this!  I just want to share a few coloring pages I curated online & made into PDF’s & JPEGS for our kiddos! I love adding new […]

  • Ninja Unicorn: Coloring Sheets for Makerspaces

    Short Story: A wonderful 6th grade student & I teamed up and made this bookmark sheet and I want to share it with you. I made copies and gave several to […]

  • iPhone Trick

    This One iPhone Trick Has Transformed My Life OK, that’s a kind of a big statement. You may have heard of this, but I found this out right before […]

  • Dr. King: A True Servant Leader

    As an educator I was touched by this timeless Huffington Post article from Mr. James Perry, once mayoral candidate and the the Executive Director of the […]

  • MHTV Music Request Line

    Hey there! To quote the musical philosophers the Spice Girls: So tell me what ya want. What ya really, REALLY want! Do you have a song that you’re dying […]

  • IG Holiday Highlights & More!

    Here are some of our recent IG Highlights from the Holidays, Winter Smash, #MHTVNews, #makermondaycrafternoon, and our MHMS Memory Book Cover artist winner! […]

National Library of Australia…

  • A la française: Francophile resources @ the NLA

    The National Library of Australia has an impressive collection of Francophile (French related) resources that would make le chat noir’s hair stand on […]

  • An Antarctic Adventure

    Frank Hurley’s photographs of the Antarctic have inspired many contemporary travellers.Share: Facebook Twitter&nbs […]

  • Author Q&A: Matthew Evans

    Photographer Alan Benson  In his new book On Eating Meat, Matthew Evans offers a scorching manifesto on the ethics of eating meat, and asks the kinds […]

  • A Genealogy of Thrones

    Have you ever wondered whether you are descended from royalty? For many of us from humble roots the thought of royal ancestry may seem a fantastical notion. It […]

  • What to do with the kangaroo?

    If Australians were to pick a national symbol the kangaroo would surely be it. Indigenous Australians have had the kangaroo as a totem, a source of food, furs, […]

  • Preserving our collections

    Thanks to the generosity of donors during the 2018 appeal, preservation work will soon conclude on the extraordinary collection of PROMPT theatre scrapbooks in […]

  • Librarian-recommended reads

    Winter is officially upon us! It’s the best time of year to dive into a good book, preferably while snuggled up in a doona with a hot mug of coffee. If […]

  • Australian Joint Copying Project Reimagined

    The microfilm produced by the Australian Joint Copying Project has long been a first stop for those researching local or family history. The 10,400 […]

  • Visiting Other Worlds

    Zine (derived from the word magazine), refers to a small, self-published underground publication produced for personal rather than commercial reasons. […]

  • Urban foraging for zines

    Zine (derived from the word magazine), refers to a small, self-published underground publication produced for personal rather than commercial reasons. […]

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