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Below is a rotating feature of library news-feeds from across the UK.

Whether your interest is in radical women’s libraries, the diverse range of topics from Cambridge University Libraries or to keep up to date with the always topical and informative PLN, which we think is the premier library news feed bar none.

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You can now check out the great monthly newsletters from Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk Libraries below.

Essex Libraries Newsletter:

This month February 2019  –  Book of the month – Loves me, loves me not – Inspiring reluctant readers and more. See more in the newsletter here

Don’t forget your tickets for the Essex Book Festival too! See here

Also this month Essex Book Groups Newsletter – A special edition of the newsletter with details of the consultation regarding the future of Essex librairies.  See more in the newsletter here.

Norfolk libraries Newsletter:

This month February 2019 –  Events and projects Book newsFilm newsmore information about our librariessee more in the on-line newsletter here

Now with added Business & IPsee more here

Don’t forget to visit the news from the Norfolk Museums too. ..Half-term fun, Vikings, dragons, circus-skills, and more…See more here.

Suffolk Libraries Newsletter:

This month February 2019  – This month, we’re especially looking forward to Harry Potter Book Night. half-term and another round of Sutton Hoo roadshows.

Plus a full calendar of events across the County and Meet the Author with Stacy Halls.

See all the news from Suffolk in the newsletter on-line here…and don’t forget our easyfundraising initiative too!

Libraries Taskforce – newsfeed from this resource to keep you regularly updated…

Public Libraries News – PLN is the go to resource for updates, news and opinion on the UK library Service. Updated often…

Glasgow Women’s Library – if you want radical and feminist in one library, you have it…

  • Margaret Fraser Smith

    Margaret Fraser Smith, a Suffragette was imprisoned for trying to disrupt a meeting, went on hunger strike and was released to loud cheers from the crowd that […]

  • Tekla Hultin

    Tekla Hultin was Finland’s second female doctor and founded the Finnish Women’s Union in 1907. […]

  • Agnes Husband

    Agnes Husband, a milliner and dressmaker, was a suffragette and one of Dundee’s first women councillors. […]

  • Muriel Matters

    Australian-born suffragette Muriel Matters once sailed over London in an airship with ‘Votes for Women’ on the side, dropping leaflets. […]

  • Ethel Moorhead

    Ethel Moorhead, an artist from Dundee, was known as Scotland’s most turbulent Suffragette. […]

  • Anna Munro

    Anna Munro was a Suffragette and the organising secretary of the Women’s Freedom League. […]

  • Lila Clunas

    Lila Clunas was a primary school teacher with a passion for women’s rights. […]

  • Dorothea Chalmers-Smith

    Dorothea Chalmers-Smith was a pioneer doctor and a militant Scottish suffragette. […]

  • Flora Drummond

    Flora Drummond was a Suffragette raised on the Isle of Arran. She was known as The General due to the uniform she wore and the horse she rode at the head of […]

  • #FlashFictionFriday – is it floating your boat?

    Thank you to all those who submitted lovely stories about our little porcelain bell.  It was wonderful to see her attract so much literary […]

Cambridge University Library News – regularly updated, diverse bibliographical musings…


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