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This month April 2019 –  Book of the month – BookStart, Cobra Business Reference Adviser and more.. See more in the newsletter here...

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This month May 2019 – This month, – New titles just in, our list of top events, meet the author (Michelle Paver) and the Suffolk Libraries Extra scheme. See more here...

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  • Seeing Things trip to “Claiming Back the Narrative”

    Seeing Things is a group that meet up to see art, performances and cultural events put on by women across Glasgow and beyond. We think it’s more fun […]

  • Take One Action: Sisters Strand

    Ahead of this years Take One Action film festival (and our partnership event Disruption is Fertile) we hear from Executive Director Tamara Van Strijthem who […]

  • Qiu Jin

    Qiu Jin was a Chinese revolutionary feminist and poet who was known as China’s Joan of Arc.

  • Sojourner Truth

    At a meeting of women’s rights activists the noise from heckling clergymen was so bad that no one could quieten them. Then Sojourner Truth spoke out: […]

  • Catherine Hogg-Blair

    Catherine Hogg-Blair was a Suffragette from East Lothian whose farm was a secret refuge for Scottish suffragettes who had been released from prison under the […]

  • Doria Shafik

    Doria Shafik was one of the principal leaders of the women's liberation movement in Egypt in the mid-1940s. She founded an Egyptian feminist organization […]

  • Frances McPhun

    Frances McPhun graduated with an MA in Political Economy from Glasgow University, where she and her sister Margaret were members of the University's suffrage […]

  • Hatoon Ajwad al-Fassi

    Hatoon Ajwad al-Fassi is a women's rights activist and an associate professor of women's history at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia.

  • NMRD Object of the Month: Get Lower! zine

    The National Museum of Roller Derby is the UK’s first permanent collection of ephemera and memorabilia relating to the sport of Women’s Flat Track […]

  • Bringing Literature Alive: Book Bunk Story Café Special

    “How do we bring literature alive?” This is the question driving Wanjiru Koinange and Angela Wachuka, the co-founders of Book Bunk, an independent […]

Cambridge University Library News – regularly updated, diverse bibliographical musings…

The Daring Librarian…

  • Join MHTVNews – Live NEWS Broadcast!

    Join #MHTVNews we love having our kidds join our awesome team! Application link below! Watch our Video!Hey MHMS Kids! It’s MHTV Application Time! Pick […]

  • Welcome Back to School!

    Welcome Back Kiddos, Parents, & Families! Here’s our Media Orientation Cartoon! This is my 22nd year at MHMS! Wait, what?? Whoda thunk it!? I am SO […]

  • Summer Reading List 2019

      The Summer Reading List is Here! Where does the time fly? I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Time to share our Summer Reading […]

  • Makerspace For Little or Nothing

    Makerspace for Little or Nothing You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to start a Makerspace area. You don’t have to have a designated room […]

  • 8th Grade Civil War History Links

    [Detail] The Child’s Anti-Slavery Book Resources for 8th Grade Social Studies: American Slavery Underground Railroad Virtual Field Trips You are a […]

  • Go Ahead, Scam Me Kids!

    WARNING: Rant Below. So, my last post was about an easy interactive reading promotion idea using Post-It Notes I got from my fabulous friend (and one time […]

  • Readers Recommend

    Come on in and recommend! OR…. It’s kinda like a low-tech YELP review for books! Hey MHMS Kids, Check this Out! This is a cool reading promotion […]

  • Colorful Women: Coloring Pages for Women’s History Month

    Re-posting this!  I just want to share a few coloring pages I curated online & made into PDF’s & JPEGS for our kiddos! I love adding new […]

  • Ninja Unicorn: Coloring Sheets for Makerspaces

    Short Story: A wonderful 6th grade student & I teamed up and made this bookmark sheet and I want to share it with you. I made copies and gave several to […]

  • iPhone Trick

    This One iPhone Trick Has Transformed My Life OK, that’s a kind of a big statement. You may have heard of this, but I found this out right before […]

National Library of Australia…

  • Privateers, Corsairs and Sea Rovers

    A blog post by Rob Hindley. September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! To celebrate, we arrrrrrrrr going to explore pirate history in […]

  • From the horse's mouth

    A blog post by Lisa Elliott As a historian and librarian, hunting for primary sources is my favourite part of the job. A primary source is an authoritative, […]

  • Rediscovering children’s books as an adult

    ‘Adults don't necessarily need to be reading storybooks to children, nor do they have to have children in their lives to benefit from these stories. […]

  • New eResources portal

    The National Library is excited to announce our new and improved eResources portal! We’ve worked hard to design this new portal, which combines previous […]

  • Le Malingre Cryptogame

    Share: Facebook Twitter&nbs

  • Librarian origin stories

    August is National Family History Month. In 2019 we celebrated by sharing some our best tips and tricks for researching your family history through […]

  • Commonwealth Electoral Rolls for family history

    For those of us who not so long ago lined up to vote, electoral rolls are probably a distant memory of lines, sausage sangas, and an endless sea of […]

  • When NED rode into town

    Guest author Kate Torney, Chair of National and State Libraries Australia (NSLA) and CEO, State Library Victoria shares her reflections on a remarkable […]

  • 'I wanted to better understand who I am...'

    Family history: two words to make some of us run for the hills (for a few individuals, perhaps quite literally!). Families are the most intimate of communities […]

  • Exiles of Erin: Irish Transportation Registers

    Were any of your ancestors Irish convicts? Have you ever wanted to find out more about their life, crimes and transportation? One crucial resource the National […]

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