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Leonard Teo, Author at ArtStation Magazine ArtStation is the leading showcase platform for professional artists working in games, film, media & entertainment

  • ArtStation Learning – Unlimited Learning for Artists
    by Leonard Teo on August 26, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    ArtStation Learning is an exciting new streaming video service for artists. In this post, ArtStation CEO Leonard Teo talks about ArtStation Learning and the new vision of ArtStation to become the artist advancement platform. The post ArtStation Learning – Unlimited Learning for Artists appeared first on ArtStation Magazine.

  • Art Posters Released & New ArtStation Prints Facility!
    by Leonard Teo on August 21, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    We have two major announcements about ArtStation Prints! Art Posters are super high quality and economical giclee prints on premium satin papers. We also moved to a new ArtStation Prints facility with much greater control over quality, process and shipping. The post Art Posters Released & New ArtStation Prints Facility! appeared first on ArtStation Magazine.

  • Retiring Cumulative Likes & Views from Profiles
    by Leonard Teo on May 10, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Back in 2013-14 when ArtStation was first being built, we sketched out what the profiles looked like and on that sketch were two innocuous numbers for Cumulative Likes and Views that a user got from artworks on the site. Not a whole lot of thought went into those numbers. Over time, these numbers have caused The post Retiring Cumulative Likes & Views from Profiles appeared first on ArtStation Magazine.

  • What happened to the ArtStation Android App?
    by Leonard Teo on December 17, 2018 at 2:17 pm

    We have been getting many questions from users asking what happened to the ArtStation Android App, as it seems to have disappeared from the Google Play Store. In the interest of transparency and keeping our users informed, we wanted to let you know what is happening. On December 10, 2018, unfortunately Google suspended the ArtStation The post What happened to the ArtStation Android App? appeared first on ArtStation Magazine.

  • Blogging on ArtStation released
    by Leonard Teo on December 20, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    We’re happy to be releasing blogging functionality today on ArtStation for Pro members. This adds a blog onto your profile where you can post your work in progress, updates, articles and tutorials! The feature is in Beta as we stabilize and improve its feature set, and is available exclusively to ArtStation Pro members. Set up your The post Blogging on ArtStation released appeared first on ArtStation Magazine.

StreetArtNews Daily coverage of everything new in Urban and Street Art

  • “Beyond Walls” by Saype in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    by StreetArtNews on July 25, 2022 at 12:55 pm

    For the fifteenth stage of the global artwork “Beyond Walls” in Rio de Janeiro, Saype strives to bridge the impassable distance between Benin (tenth stage of the project) and Brazil. Thus allowing those who left across the ocean never to return, to feel again the desperate embrace of those who saw them drift away forever…...

  • “OUTSIGHT” by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada in Laon, France
    by StreetArtNews on July 21, 2022 at 11:32 am

    Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada’s have created a new mural for the annual Festival Arts Urbains. Entitled “OUTSIGHT” the mural invites us to question the effects of children viewing their world through the ‘play’ symbol. The mural is situated on the side of a residential building in the Champagne quarter of Laon, France. Gerada’s mural is 10m x 14m and was created...

  • Artist interview: Futura 2000
    by Matthew Eller on July 19, 2022 at 1:42 pm

    Matthew Eller: Today I am honored to chat with the living legend Futura 2000 for a couple minutes about his work, Branded Arts Festival, art, and his life in general.So Lenny, How did you get involved worth the Branded Arts project? Futura 2000: Thanks for speaking with me, and yeah, great to be here.  Well,...

  • “Street Chronicles” Group Exhibition at UrbanBreak, Seoul, South Korea
    by StreetArtNews on July 19, 2022 at 12:59 pm

    Urban & Street Art Fair, URBAN BREAK 2022, marks its third anniversary this year. URBAN BREAK drew attention with 15,000 people attending in 2020, the first year alone. Last year, despite COVID-19 at its peak, 40,000 people visited the fair, thereby solidifying its status as one of the most prominent fairs. Rom Levy, director of StreetArtNews, co-planned the Special Exhibition of International Street Artists. Entitled Street Chronicles, the exhibition is showcasing the works of artists who were the pillars of street art techniques, concepts and different styles. STREET CHRONICLES retraces a side of Urban Art history bringing the streets of NYC and London to Seoul....

  • “Madzarevic” by Wuper Kec in Ekaterinburg, Russia
    by StreetArtNews on July 15, 2022 at 2:03 pm

    Serbian artist Dejan Ivanovic presented his work in Ekaterinburg at the STENOGRAFFIA international street art festival. He has been working under the pseudonym Wuper Kec since 2007. The mural is placed in Ekaterinburg at Malysheva str., 56A. It is the second art object by a foreign author this year. The work is done in the...

  • “Whisper” by SATR in Mannheim, Germany
    by StreetArtNews on July 13, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    This June/July 2022, Chinese artist SATR have traveled all the way from her hometown of Guangzhou in China to Mannheim, Germany.  SATR worked on her latest mural “Whisper” for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst mural festival. The large apartment building facade, pre-coated in a bold clean white was to be the basis of the captivating mural. SATR, who made...

  • Volery Gallery at CAN Art Fair Ibiza 2022
    by StreetArtNews on July 12, 2022 at 7:30 am

    Volery Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Contemporary Art Now, Ibiza (CAN). The fair focuses on the Now and solely on the latest happenings in the contemporary art world. Volery Gallery’s main aim is to offer the Middle East exposure to the latest happenings in the international art world, exhibiting and collaborating with...

  • KAI “Attack” Limited Edition Print – Available July 7th
    by StreetArtNews on July 5, 2022 at 1:22 pm

    Japanese artist KAI have collaborated with ArtPort for his latest limited edition screenprint entitled “Attack”.  Attack comes in an edition of 50 and measures 50 x 50 cm. Kai is a self-taught artist who started creating art in October 2021. He paints monsters in a monochrome world. His monsters, however, have friendly and playful features painted in black and...

  • “Mr. Günter, The Cat Show” exhibition by Javier Calleja in Tokyo, Japan
    by StreetArtNews on July 4, 2022 at 1:33 pm

    After passing through Almine Rech Paris with “This Is Your Lucky Day” and his recent collaboration with Hypebeans, the prestigious coffee shops in Hong Kong and Seoul, on June 25 Javier Calleja arrived in Tokyo to inaugurate a new solo exhibition curated by Nanzuka, “Mr. Günter, The Cat Show”. Conceived as an installation, the exhibition features Günter Gambita,...

  • LGBTQ+ Mural by Eva Hansen Sjøvold in Oslo, Norway
    by StreetArtNews on July 1, 2022 at 11:02 am

    Eva Hansen Sjøvold (21) has painted Norway’s first LGBTQ+ mural as part of Løkka-Lykke street art festival in Oslo Held in the central district of Grünerløkka, Løkka-Lykke announced itself on the street art scene in 2021 with eleven artists producing site-specific works ranging from large-scale murals to small-scale interventions. Løkka-Lykke street art festival is an initiative...

  • A Once-in-15-Years Sale
    by Lost Art Press on August 7, 2022 at 4:01 am

    In the 15 years John and I have run this company, we’ve never had a big “sale” for our books and tools.  Sure, we’ve had to occasionally drop the price on a product we are closing out (remember “The Book of Plates?”). But we’ve tried hard to keep our prices fair and consistent, so that...

  • Now Shipping: Crucible GoDrilla
    by Lost Art Press on August 6, 2022 at 8:41 pm

    The Crucible GoDrilla extends the reach of your drill bits (and other tooling) without introducing any run-out or wobble. This precision-machined tool (made in Tennessee) allows you to perform many unusual boring and fastening operations with immense ease and accuracy. Home center bit extenders are cheap, poorly made and are designed for operations where run-out...

  • There’s Soft Wax Available Now. It’s Purrfection.
    by fitz on August 6, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    Bean the Shop Cat is here to report that Katherine Schwarz spent a few days this week making and packing a fresh batch of soft wax, and it is now available in her Etsy store. Instructions for Soft Wax 2.0 Soft Wax 2.0 is a safe finish for bare wood that is incredibly easy to...

  • Eastern Kentucky Floods & Chester Cornett’s ‘Appalshop Chair’
    by fitz on August 6, 2022 at 11:00 am

    The early title leader for my upcoming book about Appalachian chairmakers was “Backwoods Chairs,” but I’m now leaning toward “Upwards into the Mountains.” The decision needs to happen soon because my book is nearing the final stages. The search is complete (thank you to those who sent me names and leads after my previous blog...

  • ‘Shop Tails’ Audiobook Now Available
    by Lost Art Press on August 4, 2022 at 5:11 pm

    I’m thrilled to announce that the audiobook version of “Shop Tails: The Animals Who Help Us Make Things Work” is now available in our store for download. The audiobook is read by author Nancy R. Hiller and is unabridged. It clocks in at 11 hours and 50 minutes. The audiobook also includes a bonus chapter...

Maybe one’s to watch!

Open the art universe? - image and web link

Open the art universe?

ARTBROWSER is an app for the discovery of ART.

Currently in development the app, and the team’s web site, offer you the opportunity to sign up for early release details.







The ArtBrowser team have two key stated aims for their new app service…

  • Whether you are an art lover who knows your mind, or perhaps you have no idea where to start, ArtBrowser will open up the cosmos of all things art in an easy and enjoyable way – thousands of artworks by hundreds of artists, all at your fingertips.
  • Imagine a complete eco-system: the most up-to-date art news, exclusive events and stunning exhibitions. For those intimated by it all, this will be the online space to comfortably learn about art in all its forms.


We watch their web pages with interest…it’s a big cosmos to grasp.

Enlightenment in the East of England




Experiments in Art from Google

Google art table image

A delightful sequence of new experiments in art and culture from the Google team.

The Curator’s Table:  The link below will take you to  page of micro-images that are arranged as if on a table, where you can zoom and select an image of choice to delve deeper into the original gallery or museum source.

‘Use the Curator’s table to discover new insights and connections between artworks.
Inspired by curators around the world, we applied the principle of laying out prints on a table when planning an exhibition, to our virtual gallery. Assets are animated in realtime. You can search objects, styles and artists, and view them in one 3D space’.

Source:,816.03,4515.73,567.53,-1.00,3406.53 Accessed: 16.11.2016

Discover more about the experiments in this TED Talk!

conversationsEAST utility rating: 10/10

Article sign off image




From the Google Cultural Institute…

google arts and culture Button image

Visit the world of arts and culture through the prism of Google…





The web makes the accessibilty of art and cultural artefacts real, in a way unparalleled in human history. In a world fractured by political and religious dissent, violence and inequality, access to the internet gives the interested visitor a vast catalogue of human creativity and expression upon the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen icon.

These internet archival resources, dedicated to arts and culture, are at once both ethereal and concrete. We wonder how this availability might temper the consideration of other societies and cultures in the generations to come? If I can ‘see’ another people, perhaps their artistic output prevents me from seeing them as ‘the other’. Art as a cultural emollient?

Utamaro, example image of the work

Kitagawa Utamaro 1753 – 1806. Discover the work here…

This new Google site is a masterpriece of execution and artistic assemblage. Bringing together, as it does, a curated range of items from over a thousand museums, galleries and archives from around the world.

Whether your interest is in Japanese woodblock prints, or you would rather examine a museum’s visual art offering in intense close-up, then this site offers you much.

You can use the Google art camera zoom function to minutely examine images of original pieces, then zoom out and read an authorative short article on the work you have just  engaged with.

We really liked Julio Romeros de Torres work The Fortune Telling. Dating from 1922, there is a real feel of getting closer to the work than ever the gallery stewards in the Museo Carmen Thyssen in Malaga would ever allow you. See the work here.

We found there was a softness, an intimacy, coupled to a leaning towards faith that was both gentle and captivating.

You can also access a daily digest of interesting objects and images, as well  as take virtual tours of selected museums. As tech fans we enjoyed our ramble around the Tsiolkovosky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Kaluga, Russia too.

Whether an existing ardent gallery visitor or just setting out on your arts journey, there is much to admire in the Google Arts and Culture web window.

Source:      Accessed: 19.07.2016

conversationsEAST utility rating: 10/10

Article sign off image




See the first edition here...

See the first edition here…

Minimalissimo isn’t so much art in tech, as art presented with tech! A new magazine where you can explore art, architecture, design, fashion, graphics and more.

An elegantly designed web site from the UK designers Six, the international content of the magazine presents the best of design in an easy to view, easy to use format.

We thought it was beautiful.

You can find the home page of Minimalissimo here. The link to their rss feed for automatic updates is here. Bring some design delight to your web browser.

conversationsEAST utility rating: 10/10

Article sign off image




hire an artist LogoTypeHire an Artist – offers a very straightforward proposition. Find an artist from their portfolio/catalogue and commission a piece of original artwork.

UK based, this web service lets artists register and build an on-line portfolio for free and takes a simple low commission from the transactions effected on-line with the artist.

An arts brokerage, in effect.

conversationsEAST utility rating: 10/10    Free for creatives to register…

Article sign off image





monegraph LogotypeMonegraph is a platform that makes it easy for digital creators of all kinds to construct licenses for the commercial use of their digital work.

”Our system streamlines licensing, payment processing, media handling, and distribution of your work so that you have everything you need to be in business and get paid for what you do.

With Monegraph, anyone can buy and sell fully licensed digital media directly. We bring artists, photographers, designers and illustrators together with collectors, publishers, advertisers and brands”.

A service for artists and digital creators to build an portfolio of electronic products, to promote them with appropriate licensing and to sell to collectors.

Worth keeping an  eye on if you are a digital artist, we think, even if you just register your portfolio name for future use.

conversationsEAST utility rating: 8/10 presently       /  Free to register, but charges from payment provider Stripe will apply at the point of sale.

Article sign off image





See more here…

Making Digital Work – A digital Toolkit for Arts and Culture…July 2015

This new publication just had to be included in this section of conversationsEAST. It has everything that Art in Tech is all about.

Creativity, design, project planning, audience cultivation and engagement, business planning with new tools and evaluation in depth from the digital domain.

You can read a longer conversationsEAST review of the Digital Toolkit for Arts and Culture here…

conversationsEAST utility rating: 10/10        /Free


silkPageProfilePicThis is etch – a -sketch for the 22nd Century. A deliciously fluid way to compose, create  and mesmerise yourself with art, colour and movement.

Billed as ‘interactive, generative art’ you can swirl and sweep to your hearts content in your web browser.

You can save your creation to your local machine, or post it on all the usual social sites. Even send it to your art tutor by email.

We loved it.    See more here…

conversationsEAST utility rating: 10


Google Art in Chrome



Free download and install here…

The Google Art Project. This is a Chrome browser extension which puts masterpieces of art directly into your Chrome web browser…every time you hit refresh.

A great way to read the captions, discover new artists from any period and style and to use the latest Google browser to boot.

Google Art for Chrome:

conversationsEAST utlity 10


 Early Canvas


See more here…

The web is full of portfolio sites, that is true, but here is one for the aspiring ‘early’ artist.

You can upload and import your work, be it a sketch, a photo or a scanned oil painting into you early canvas space.

The site offers you the opportunity to both show your work, but also to share it and make contact with other aspiring artists.

You can customise the design of your space and even, dare we say it, sell your work too. The creation of your portfolio space is free too, did we mention that?

Early Canvas: See more –

conversationsEAST utility rating – Free and 10/10. (Like the design too, loads of white space…Ed).


 London Arts Tube

londonartstubeImage2This is a simple and effective, regularly updated resource for all arts visitors to the Metropolis.

London Arts Tube is a monthly on-line arts magazine, which can help you get the cultural and artistic best from your pending visit.

Whether galleries, music, museums or plays, amongst other things, are what you crave…find it on-line here.

Simple, free and effective. See more…

conversationsEAST utility rating: a bold 10.



 Artspace in a post-Internet World

artspaceLogoButtonArtspace is a publication that offers some really facinating insights into modern art.

The development of technique with technological spread and reflections on how works will survive and resonate with viewers, or should that be users, in the post web space world.

The transmutation of art that’s based on the Internet from online-only platforms to materializations in real life leads to an interesting question: what will this work look like 100 years from now, when the technologies that these artists are using, commenting on, and imitating either no longer exist or have been radically transformed? Only time will tell.


See more here. Challenging, provocative and refreshingly disruptive art appreciation.




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