Here at conversationsEAST we have gone USA! We have picked up the news that science crowd funding site, Microryza, has relaunched as

Although only functioning for U.S. researchers at the moment, the Experiment team do have plans to offer non-U.S. researchers the opportunity to call for investment on the site.

Begun by a group of young researchers, frustrated at budget cuts and an inability to link science research to interested investors, they have re-designed and relaunched as a result. Worth a look, just to test the concept.

The RSA also supports Fellow’s project through crowd funding too. Check out the RSA KickStarter page below.

Here at conversationsEAST we think that ethical, impact investing along the Experiment and KickStarter model has a powerful future too. We share the excitement of connecting researchers in the bio-tech, renewable energy sectors.

Renewables particularly, with a concept of initial demand, at launch, for capital infrastructure, followed by the development of a smooth, much lower cost, lower environmental impact production flow, is a model that will seriously challenge traditional business matrices in the mainstream energy sector for the next generation.

Lets call our conversationsEAST impact investment model PowerStarter.

Are there any Fellows out there in any sector ready to contribute to a  non-profit , web based project communication and investor linking bulletin board, a la Experiment?

Write to the conversationsEAST team and declare your interest. emailIcon4 Contact Us