Here at conversationsEAST we are delighted to be able to donate web hosting, design and content creation services and new media support to this new, nascent movement.

Inequality in Education – turning the tide (IETT) is about change in the educational landscape and improving equality of opportunity and outcome for children and young people across England.

interneticon  You can see the new IETT web presence here

You can follow IETT news on Twitter too:   @Tide_Turning

The web site features not only regular news and featured ideas on the pages of The Tide, the IETT web journal, but also regular newsfeeds from a variety of sources across the education landscape.

Monographia is a growing web resource of research papers and conference contributions that mark key themes for IETT groups. The Debate – filmed is a growing archive of videos that go to the nascent movement’s campaigning and research aims.

If you have an interest in educational reform, or the social inequality agenda, we commend this site to you…Ed.


Developing your project web presence?

The conversationsEAST team are keen to offer web support to socially focused web projects in the East of England.

We are particularly happy to support projects led by RSA Fellows, as our donating Partners at SmithMartin LLP, are keen supporters of the Society. We would also like to support the planned development of IETT groups in Nottingham and Oxford.

See our project web offer at conversationsEAST here and contact us for more help, if we can.

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