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  • Forgotten Scottish Authors

    Sir Walter Scott and Jane Austen are two highly celebrated authors. But what about Scottish women who were also writing at the same time as these revered […]

  • Connecting with Kurdish women

    A few months ago a former volunteer, Jenni, contacted us to let us know about a group of women setting up a women's library in the Kurdish region of Iraq where […]

  • May Book Picnic Recommendations

    On the first Wednesday of every month, GWL team members and volunteers share what we’ve read recently at our Book Picnic. In the current climate, our Book […]

  • Open the Door: words with women writers, Amanda Thomson & Amy Gear

    Following their fascinating discussion at our first Open the Door event this year, we followed up with Amanda Thomson & Amy Gear to ask the last couple of […]

  • We’re Back!

    We are so thrilled to have been able to welcome visitors back to GWL since 4th May, and our opening hours are currently limited to Tuesdays – Fridays, from […]

  • NMRD Programme of the Month: May 2021

    Pop culture references are woven throughout the entire fabric of this sporting culture including bout names, player names, and team names. One way of […]

  • Hustings for Women’s Equality: What are the priorities in the next Scottish Parliament?

    On April 1st, 2021 Engender, in partnership with fourteen women’s organisations across Scotland, organised the Hustings for Women’s Equality event where […]

  • Job Vacancy: We are recruiting!

    We are recruiting for two posts! If you're interested in working at GWL, enjoy administration, and you're passionate about supporting women, have a look at the […]

  • One Week To Go!

    The GWL building is reopening on Tuesday 4th May. We’re really looking forward to it! This week staff and volunteers have been busy at the building getting […]

  • April Book Picnic Recommendations

    On the first Wednesday of every month, GWL team members and volunteers share what we’ve read recently at our Book Picnic. In the current climate, our Book […]

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  • The Black Bear at Senate House

    As avid readers of this blog will remember, the Black Bear Inn here in Cambridge was notable for its concerts held from the 1770’s to the 1800’s under the […]

  • Beuys 100

    One hundred years ago, on May 12, the artist Joseph Beuys was born. Through his radical redefinition of sculpture and art more generally and his spectacular […]

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  • Calling all Creatives – Rainbow Vision!

    Rainbow Vision Literary Magazine ISO student submissions! “Rainbow Vision is specifically looking for material for our literary magazine that has an LGBTQIA+ […]

  • Got Curbside Books?

    Our MHMS Curbside Library Media Book Pick Up Program is Going Strong! HOW This Works: Hey Murray Hillers! As I’ve mentioned in my many Canvas messages and […]

  • MHTV Student News

    Hey Mountain Lions! Enjoy the latest MHTV News Show written, filmed, produced, edited and created by our talented #MHTVNews producers & staff! Closed […]

  • Back To School – Yes, We’re Virtually Awesome!

    Virtual Learning Fall 2020  Welcome Back to School! Well, hello! I’m so happy you’re here! This is a start of a school year unlike any we’ve ever […]

  • MHMS Metropolitan Newspaper COL Edition – Issue 6

    Our #MHMSMetro student run & #GTSeminar newspaper is available for download! Here is the latest issue! DOWNLOAD PDF: COL Issue 6.pdf

  • #MHTVNews: A Virtual TV Show for Teens by Teens

    Hey Mountain Lions! Enjoy the latest MHTV-COL News Show written, filmed, produced, edited and created by our talented #MHTVNews Producers & Staff!  […]

  • Summer Reading 2020

    It’s Summer Reading Time! Here’s the Howard County Middle School Summer Reading List!   Download the PDF and look for these titles! Middle School 2020 […]

  • NEW MHTV News & Metro Newspaper

    Our wonderful kids have been working hard on their journalism assignments! How you doin, Mountain Lions?! Enjoy Episode 2 of our #MHTVNews-COL News Show […]

  • Unlocking the Secret to 100+ FREE eBooks & Audiobooks

    Hey Mountain Lions! If you missed my presentation last week – here’s the info I shared about the secret way to unlock, filter, and find 100 FREE eBooks  […]

  • Extra, Extra! MHMS Metropolitan Newspaper: Issue 4

    Extra Extra! Get your MHMS Metro News Here! Our #MHMSMetro student run & #GTSeminar newspaper is available for download! Featuring:  Sports |  Arts, […]

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